Strong Communities are based on Strong Governance

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Working with leadership to ensure that laws and policies promote confidence in leadership, community development, and are sensitive to the values, goals, history and culture of your community. 

Indigenous Government Advising

Stacey assists First Nation, Inuit and Métis governments with a wide variety of issues -- including law, bylaw, code and policy development (including election/governance, membership, financial administration, etc), employment and real estate issues, and general band management issues.

She assists Indigenous communities in negotiating the benefits they deserve from projects and business opportunities taking place in their territories.


​She has in-depth knowledge about and regularly advises on international, federal and provincial laws/policies relating to Indigenous peoples -- including UNDRIP, Canada's Indian Act, Income Tax Act, PSAB program, and TRC Final Report, BC's Bill-41 (DRIPA), and US legislation including NAGPRA.