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Supporting Economic   Reconciliation 

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through the development of agreements designed to promote long-term growth, strong business relationships, community wellness and cultural connection.

Indigenous Economic Development

Stacey assists Indigenous communities and their business partners in negotiating fair benefits from projects and business opportunities taking place in traditional territories. 

Stacey is committed to supporting economic reconciliation and relationship building by helping Indigenous and non-Indigenous clients think through and negotiate a variety of potential benefits in their business arrangements. She also assists clients with ensuring that they have the most appropriate corporate structure for those arrangements. 

Stacey specializes in helping Indigenous business groups ensure sustainable economic development through careful development of appropriate business structures and clear corporate governance policies, as well as agreements between the Indigenous government and its business group that clarify roles and create transparency.  She focuses on ensuring the legal documents all reflect the values, culture and language of each unique community.


​Stacey has in-depth knowledge about and regularly advises on international, federal and provincial laws/policies relating to Indigenous Peoples -- including UNDRIP, Canada's Indian Act, Income Tax Act, PSAB program, and TRC Final Report, BC's Bill-41 (DRIPA), and US legislation including NAGPRA.