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Repatriation & Restitution  

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The specialized knowledge and international expertise required to handle claims for the return and protection of art, cultural heritage, and intellectual property. 

Art, Heritage & Intellectual Property Protection and
Repatriation / Restitution

Stacey assists clients with understanding and navigating the different laws, policies and procedures governing the return of illicitly acquired art, antiquities and cultural heritage.


Stacey regularly advises Indigenous clients and museums on sensitively handling repatriations in accordance with UNDRIP, NAGPRA and Indigenous laws, and with ensuring modern treaty chapters relating to Culture and Heritage are in line with UNDRIP. 


She also helps museums navigate complex legal and provenance research issues associated with looted art and antiquities claims, and negotiate settlement agreements with claimants.

Stacey assists Indigenous clients with registering official marks and with ensuring the protection of heritage and intellectual property rights in project-related and other commercial agreements.

Stacey's research and teaching at Stanford University have contributed to her broad understanding of issues arising in repatriation/restitution matters and the development of a specific process based on Relationship Building for resolving Indigenous cultural heritage disputes.

Stacey is appointed as a member of the Mediator and Arbitrator panels of the Court of Arbitration for Art (CAfA) in the Hague.

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