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Extensive experience on international, federal, and provincial laws and policies to meet your corporate structuring and governance needs.  

Corporate and Commercial Law

Jessiman Law provides A-Z help to large and small businesses with corporate structuring (including records office work), business transactions, corporate governance matters, partnership and joint venture arrangements, and a wide variety of commercial agreements.


Stacey specializes in helping clients ensure business profitability and stability by careful attention to how corporate entities and business arrangements​ are set up, and by creating accessible legal documents that promote long-term growth and business relationships.  

Stacey has in-depth knowledge about and regularly advise on international, federal and provincial laws/policies relating to Indigenous Peoples -- including UNDRIP, Canada's Indian Act, Income Tax Act, PSAB program, and TRC Final Report, BC's Bill-41 (DRIPA), and US legislation including NAGPRA. 


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